MaMa Gütay



The MaMa Goot is no more!

thanks to our friends and fans, both of you!

it's tough being a musician, artist, sculptor, store owner, web designer, husband, scientist and all the other passions shared by the MaMa Goot trio, but we will all carry on. Hopefully we will record something for posterity sake in the near future.

You can listen to some songs below...


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MaMa Gütay - means"COME HERE, I'LL KICK YOUR ASS" in Thai street slang and that's the name of the new cd from this whippersnapping trio. The MaMa Güt stars el Jéfe Sativa on lead/slide guitar and vocals, Todd Rosenbaum on asskickin drums, and Mr. Sandro Belvedere on Roman bass guitar. MaMa Gütay is the hard-drivin' riff-swingin, hot-slingin' electrified guitar lickin of el Jéfe ridin' the high and low end punch of Todd and Sandro, respect! It's Hendrix-ian Neil Young-blooded, big dick-studded Fugazi-like coolness on acid.

El Jéfe's prior NYC band Budda-Bang! of "Hairball or Puke" video and fake vomit 7" fame, released Sonic Decayed cd in 1993 (Propulsion Records). Under the pseudonym of Johnny Chiba, Jéfe is Rad press guy at Radical Records NYC, publishes this testicular website and TEST PRESS magazine.

Todd is a sculptor/painter hailing from Virginia, with a proficiency for waterfalls and metal tables. Todd and his famous Actress/Artist/Argentinian wife have a new store opening in Williamsburg in the Spring.

Sandro is a chemist who hail mary's from Rome Italy, known to his Italian bands as Signor Belvedere. He has a patent for a chemical compound.


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background images courtesy of Skowmon Hastanan Thai Art website: click

Japanese head-kicking logo taken from Dehara design for Tower Records: click

Listen to MaMa Gütay!

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